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(i'm still working on this, but here is what i have of kodama so far! if you have any questions please feel free to ask!)

Kodama by noewel
meaning: tree spirit or spirit of a tree
plural: kodama


they are born when a tree first sprouts, and are henceforth reliant on each other to survive
- they do not eat or drink, but share nutrients with their tree. as long as their tree is sustained, they are too
- if their tree dies, they die along with it
           HOWEVER, there are circumstances where another kodama will offer to share the life of their tree. this is a very rare occurrence and puts a heavy strain on all individuals
           there are some kodama who are able to live without their tree. most who do are so emotionally stunted that they become severely anxious, depressed, or even go insane
- they are capable of magic and can curse anyone or anything that brings harm to them or their tree. this is usually in the form of bad luck, but may be stronger magic depending on the kodama
- they are very social creatures and enjoy the company of other kodama
- they have no gender, and can not reproduce
           two kodama may take it upon themselves to nourish a sprout together and raise the kodama that is born to it
- kodama may also be four-legged
- their 'masks' are actually a dense bone structure much like a turtle's shell. they are not capable of sight and rely mostly on their hearing (hence their big, rabbit-like ears)
           the expression depicted on their mask does not always mirror the kodama's personality
- most kodama are peaceful creatures, but there are some that are mischievous and even malevolent
           malevolent kodama may lead unsuspecting humans or creatures deep into the forest to never find their way out again
- they are very skilled climbers and can leap from tree to tree for faster and safer travelling
- cat-like paws and retractable claws


- any marking on the mask that is not red
- horns or antlers
          secondary mutations include the sprouting and growth of leaves, plants, and even fruit depending on their mother tree
          these are not ideal mutations for a kodama to have as it hinders their ability to climb and jump
- tails may vary and are not limited to specific types
- fur colors are generally very muted
- small ears



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